Thursday, January 27, 2005

So tired!!!!

Okay so today is Thursday and my son did not get to go to his pj party at school. Oh well he was invited to a b-day/sleepover party so he wasn't to terribly upset. Now I feel bad for my oldest son he is not feeling well at all has a slight fever and the nasty yuck that has been going around. My daughter was rather rambuncious today wore me out!!!! Have not been sleeping the best lately and too scared to take my sleeping pills because I have such a hard time getting up with my brats in the morning when I take them but damn do I need a good nights sleep soon. I need a lot actually. I need a night out . a kid free night. a night alone with my husband to go out to dinner or something or maybe get some love and attention from him. Which seems to be few and far between lately!!!! I just need to get out of thie priosn of mine even if it is just for an hour I need OUT!!!!


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