Thursday, March 31, 2005

more new meds....

My neuro gave me some more new meds. I'm a lil nervous about the one. She gave me one for my memory and then she gave me Adderall, which is just like Ritalin. She says it will help with my fatigue. I've tried Provogil and Amantadine and they just made me more tired. So they were kinda pointless.

I finally took one of my sleeping pills last night...I needed to have not slept very good in weeks. Let me tell ya I slept great last night did not wanna get up this morning. So I think I am gonna take it every night like my neuro told me to. It just scared me that I was gonna be addicted.

I also got the green light for physical therapy. Occupational and Physical. I dod not like OT they are so annoying making me shuffle cards and screw nuts and bolts together and playing with clay. That is so f-ing annoying.

So that is the latest up date.


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