Monday, March 28, 2005

a poem...

My life with MS

MS is a silent world of fears
it can be crazy
living with Ms I always shed tears
I used to be active but now have to be lazy

I love the days I can walk
and the days I feel great
the days where my words make sense when I talk
but then there are the days I hate

when i don't know what to expect
when I am full of fear
when only god knows what's next
I pray it is not the wheelchair

I now look forward to tomorrow
to see the good in all the bad
I refuse to be overcome with sorrow
I refuse to be sad

I am living now to be happy
not blue
the way it is supposed to be
I have MS, yes that is true
but the most important thing MS doesn't have me!

Amanda Sue France
Copyright ©2004 Amanda Sue France


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