Monday, April 04, 2005

everyone is sick....

what a great day this is starting out to be. Everyone in my house is sick except for my husband. Andrew my 10 year old woke up with one hell of a fever, oh yeah so did Bradley my 4 year old and oh yeah Kaylee my 2 year old did too. Thank god I did not!!! but I am still pretty sick and it sucks!!!!

and to top this whole lovely last couple of weeks that I've husband was fired today!!! This is bullshit!! It def. is a I-told-you-so moment from me to him. He left a very good job that he had for 2 years to get this one. I told him not to go to this place because his so called friend Bob worked there and Bob worked at hi last job and caused all kinds of problems. Bob is an asshole he acts like he is the man!!! So now i have no idea what we are supposed to do for money. This really is so hard. I can't work I get Social Security but it is not enuff to say so. It doesn't pay our mortgage. and my wonderful husband hd to go get a new Durango with a 300 dollar a month car payment, and a cell phone that he runs the bill up on...and we have to pay for those 2 things b/c his mom co-signed for the truck and the cellphone is in her name. and not to mention we have kids to feed, and clothe, and electricity, and gas and phone and so much more. I don't know what we are going to do. I wish he would have just listened to me and not left his old job he said this new job was gonna be way in hell it was better..when he worked there for 2 weeks and they fired him and his asshole friend Bob helped a lot he is such a jerk. Ok well I can't talk about this anymore, it makes me cry and I don't wanna cry anymore than I already am!!!


Blogger Jade said...

so is everyone feeling any better today? give me a call OK.. Love ya

11:59 AM  

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