Monday, April 18, 2005

Finally left my house for something I wanted to do.....

I went to my in-laws for ribs last night. Man were they good my father-in-law makes the best ribs ever. It was also nice to leave the house for something I wanted to do. My gosh haven't left my house for that reason in months. Had a good time Brian and Holly were there too. Bradley had so much fun playing with Gabe.

It kinda sucked towards the end of the night...but sorta kinda my fault. If u count the fact that I can't hardly walk my fault. They had a fire and everyone was out there but me. Anna and Holly offered to help me walk back there...I thanked them but said no...I appreciate the help that is offered to me...but no one understands how helpless it makes me feel on top of the fact that I already feel helpless before they offer. I really wanted to go back there and probly would have if my husband had offered to help it is different with him.But it is ok I made it through the night ok. I am still alive.

One nice thing is I have a lil break from the boys they are still there. God knows I need one. It is so hard doing all I have to do to be a mom and a good one at that. I feel for my kids, they deserve better. They are on spring break so this is good for them they need a vacation from mommy too some time to be kids.


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