Sunday, April 03, 2005

guess what??? Now I am coughing my lungs up....

ok as if there wasn't enough shit wrong with me now I am coughing my lungs up. Maybe I shouldn't have quit smoking. which by the way today has been exactly 5 m0nths since I quit and I feel great (at least about the not smoking part), I can smell now taste now it's much better. Anyway back to the coughing part, I was coughing all night and that did not make my throat feel any better, and I have been sneezing like crazy which also makes my throat hurt more...and did I mention the runny nose??aauugghhhh....this SUCKS!!!!

ok I think that I am done bitching for now..maybe don't count on it. LOL and my second picture that I put up the one of my son Bradley..that was taken wednesday when it was 60 degrees outside, thursday was the day it was almost 70.

Now pay close attention wednesday the ground was green with grass and today it is whit with tons of snow and it is like 26 degrees. YEAH!!!!not really.


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