Saturday, April 16, 2005

nice relaxing day.....

today was def. relaxing. but man was a hot day. IT was only 65 but so much warmer than it has been. I am not bitchin there was not the killer humidity to early in the year for that yet. Not lookin foward to it though.

Aurora came over and spent a few hours here. That was nice I think I can let my guard down alot more with her now. Afterall she wrote me an e-mail that made me bawl really bad. Explaining how my MS was hard on her being my friend and her feeling helpless to not be able to help me. It mad a big difference in our relationship. a HUGE difference. She is walking in the MS walk with me which is great. Means a whole lot to me more than she will ever know.

Well it is way past my bedtime it is 10 and I am about to shoot up with my 10 inch long needle. No way I am a needle weenie after 3 yrs. gotta have Quorry give me my shot. I like it better when he does it anyway.


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