Saturday, April 09, 2005

On a more positive note...(finally)

Ok you might think you went to the wrong board today because I am not gonna bitch today (well maybe). I am so happy my husband got a job!!! So much stress is relieved!!! That doesn't mean that I won't worry that is just a flaw of mine worrying. It is not gonna bring home as much money as we are accustomed to but some money is definitely better than none. He starts Monday and it is gonna be so different getting used to him workin nights again been so used to him working days for so long.

Can't vent as much today for 2 reasons don't need to vent today and my son't b-day party is today so i gotta clean!! Fun wow!!!


Blogger Jade said...

and damn we had fun for a 5 year olds birthday LOL... now for the cook out, LOL

10:47 AM  

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