Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The excitement is killing me....I can't deal....

I have been counting down the days till my trip to Wyoming!!! It is killing me. The stress is unreal..don't get me wrong it is definitely great stress...but still stress.

I can't wait to see my Dad it has been almost exactly 10 years since I have. And my grandma it has been 15 years. She has no idea that I am going to be there. She is actually flying in the day after I do and I am going to the airport w/my step-mom to pick her up. My grandma is absolutely gonna die!!!

My mom gave me some really nice luggage to use and let me borrow a whole bunch of clothes. Which I need so badly because I have lost like 20-25 lbs and my clothes are falling off me and my mom is the size that I am now after unexpectedly losing this weight. So she is really happy for me. She is gonna watch my kids the day I leave for the night then my husband will have them until the day I come homw and my mom is gonna come to my house early in the day. She is gonna clean up and get my house back in order and put the kids to bed. Then my brother is going to come sit with the kids after they are sleeping and my mom is gonna pick me up from the airport. So everything is finalized and I can go away assured that my kids are in good hands. Heck most of the time I will be gone they will be with daddy no worries there.


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