Tuesday, May 24, 2005

only 2 more days well ok a lil less....

I am so freaking excited to go!!! but on the other hand I have soooo much anxiety. Worrying about my kids as usual but I have never been so far away from them before. I am just gonna have to be assured that they will be fine. And they will be they will be with Daddy everynight but 2 and those 2 nights they will be with my mom. I am all packed and ready to go. Now all I have to do is get some clothes packed for my kids.

I can not wait for a couple more years maybe even next spring. Aurora bought me Lilac tree and it is gonna be sooo pretty. She also put Gladiolas and lavendar in the pot with the tree. She is such a sweet heart. We had a long talk on the phone today and we both laid a lot out a few things that have been weighing on our minds...things that I guess we were both either too chicken to bring up or were too afraid we would hurt each other's feelings. We promised each other that we would not keep our mouths shut anymore and that we would come to each other first before we ruin a very new and great friendship.

Andrew was up all nite last night puking after his baseball game. I felt soooo bad for him there was just nothing that I could do for him gave him some Pepto and it seemed to help a lil bit. He is feeling some what better now. I sure hope he is fine tomorrow as it is his big overnight field trip at the YMCA camp. Which means tomorrow when I get him up for school will be the last I get to see of him until I come home next Tuesday. that is gonna be a lil hard, but he will be stronger about than I.

Well I am exhausted and needed to be sleeping a couple of hours ago. do peace out Good night


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