Monday, May 23, 2005

Only 3 more days!!!! Then I am going on the first vacation I have been on in forever!!!!

I am nervous, excited, happy and a million other things. Nervous because I have only been away from my baby girl 3 nights in her entire 2 1/2 yr. life, and nervous because I am a lil worried about Rora, I have faith in her and she is doing so good right now. I saw her today and she is glowing she looks so healthy and alive I guess that is what quitting drugs and going to detox does for you and I am extremely happy for her. Okay the excitement part is kinda understandble...I am going to see pretty much my whole entire family (on my dad's side anyway)and this also explains the happy part!!!

I am gonna miss my honey a lot I am used to going to bed by myself since he is a 2nd shift guy now, but still we have not really spent a night apart in 6 years w/the exception of the 2 weeks we were on splitsville. It is definitely gonna be weird. But there will be so much going on while I am gone I don't think I will have time to miss anyone.

It is definitely gonna be weird with the 2 hour time difference. When everyone there is ready to eat dinner I am gonna be ready for bed. I am pretty sure I can handle it though.

Now to say my prayers for everyone as I am going to be to busy I think to even pray for myself.

Please forgive me for all the sins I have committed since I last asked for your forgiveness and guidance.

Please watch over my babies tonight and everynight like I ask u to do everytime I talk to you. Especially Gerrott he really really needs you right not. Please comfort him and guide him. Help Andrew to deal with the uncomfort from his retainer the physical uncomfort and the emotional. Bradley and Kaylee need your protection and guidance too just not as much ast the older 2 boys.

Please look after my husband and guide him the right way.

Please watch over Aurora more than usual as she is doing so good and I would love for her to continue heading down the right clean path. She needs a lot of support and love and guidance. Please take care of her. I love her so much and she need you right now more than ever.

Please watch over and protect the rest of my family.

Thank you God, Amen


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