Thursday, August 04, 2005

Been away too long....

I have been away for way to long. so much has happened it is unreal for the most part all bad things have happened.

To start...the day after I got home from Wyoming my husband got fired. Assholes anyway!!!My husband applied for unemployment..guess what they said NO!!!He is now working for my dad but it is only temporary. It is not the money that we are used to that is for sure.

I was doing better than I have been in the last 4 years. I had my independence did not have to rely on someone else to take me to the store or wherever...but man did that end quickly but it sure was good while it lasted. Just got more chemo on Tuesday and am feeling a lil better but hard to tell due to the fact of this damn heatwave.

On a twisted lil positive side food stamps taht we have not gotten in forever just went up to $500 a month that helps tremendously. My Social Security went up to $602...thich pays my mortgage and most of my car payment. So that helps a lot it helps lift stress off of my husband. He feel like a failure..I wish that he didn't. He has put applications in numreous places still no call backs but it is soooo hard to find work here...doesn't make sense to me not with my husband's expertise. He is a well qualified mechanic.

Gerrott has been home for almost 2 months and it has been great he is leaving this weekend. Which will be hard on all of us. He is happy because I spent $200 on school clothes for him last night.

We are going to Aunt Cheryl's weeding Sat. it should be fun. Quorry is going to look smoking. WE also got him something real nice to wear to the wedding. I just got new shoes because I already bought my dress. We should look good..LOL It is exciting because Brandyand her boyfriend Darius are here today and are going to stay for a week. It will be nice to see her again. I know the kids are excited to see their new found Aunt Brandy. I know Quorry is excited to see here again too, as am I.

WE are going to Q's dad's Saturday after the wedding. My mom is keeping the kids for the night god knows that we need some us time no kids no bullshit.


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