Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My life couldn't suck much worse (I hope)

Well maybe that is an understatement or maybe overstatement who freaking knows at this point...not me I don't know much about anything at this point.

Today was my 2nd day of steroids not feeling much better yet but trying to look at it all optimistically. The optimism is all I have left in me and even that I have to search very hard to find. The good news is Thursday I start my in home P.T. that has to help me A LOT!!!!

Tomorrow I will finally be back on an MS med. other than the chemo. I think that I have decided to stop the chemo (Novantrone). As this last time I was way worse than better after words and am still feeling those effect 3 weeks later. It is freaking scary!!! So I think I am gonna stop it for now..who the hell knows I have no clue what to do for myselaf maybe shen I go back to school ( for free might I add since I am a gimp!!! LOL) i think maybe I'll go into medicine and maybe learn more about my body. Who the hell knows.

On a positive note my boys' room is done and looks great. New blue carpet layed Sunday. Which is better than the pink carpet that was previously in there. They have their new walls and of course new beds. They are loving their room a lot!!!


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