Friday, August 12, 2005

Ok didn't make the baby roasted potatoes...

Ok so I didn't make my m-i-l the roasted potaoes not the chicken..mainly no chicken because we just had that. So instead I (and my husband) made her confetti beef and pepper rice. and OMG everytime we have that it is to die for. She enjoyed it and went home to get some very much needed rest.

So tomorrow it seems as though we are going to get working on that nasty bedroom. We def. have to do something soon we have to get the boys back on the school sleeping schedule. and so far with them sleeping in the living room that ain't happening.

Today had to go get my 10 day bloodwork for after the chemo. Hopefully that will answer some questions as to what has been wrong with me lately. Not only the MS not being very nice to me I have had the worse case of vertigo ever. While grocery shopping last night it felt as though I was going to pass out quite a few times. that is darn right scary to me. I have even been managing to eat so it can't be that. Who knows I am at a loss as to what the hell is wrong with me.


Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Amanda! I just popped in from Jade's blog, hope you feel better soon :)

7:13 PM  

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