Thursday, August 11, 2005

So tired lately....

I have been so tired lately. I am sure the heat has not helped too much with that fatigue shit. I am sure my MS not been too nice to me isn't helping that issue either.

I can't wait the kids will be going back to school in 3 weeks!!! thank god things will be much easier and different and back to normal.

Last night we had to rip 3 walls out of the boys' room due to cold water pipe from their bathroom leaking. Fun WOW!!! We are going to have to replace the carpet also. Like how in the hell we gonna afford that??? but it has to be done. We have to replace the entire floor wood and all by the wall where the pipe was leaking. What a disaster. So needless to say the boys will be sleeping in the living room for the next week probably.

My kids are all picky lil brats. I made sweet and sour chicken and rice for dinner last night. Now mind you that my kids all love Chinese hence the reason I made what I did. But guess what?? None NONE of them liked it. So after making all of them eat some of it we just let them eat plain white rice...How can they like just plain white rice but not sweet and sour chicken???Strange strange kids.

Tomorrow I am making my mother-in-law dinner. As soon as she tells me what she wants I can start preparing. I know no matter what I am making roasted baby potatoes. I am just at a loss of what to make for dinner lately I am the one who has to choose everynight.


Blogger Jade said...

Ouch, so there is no way they can sleep in their beds? I hope it don't take that long to fix. how are you going to fix it and who is going to do it for you? OK can we have Chicken?

11:00 AM  

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