Friday, August 26, 2005

Started Rebif....

I started my Rebif on Wednesday got my first shot in the arm. Fun wow. I was really glad as I did not have any side effects well as far as I know. But the general side effects of this drug like feeling achy and flu like I have been feeling like that for awhile. I have to get another shot tonight. CAn't remember where I'm supposed to get it but I do have a chart thingy that Quorry and I look at. He is more ready to do this shot tonight than me. WEdnesday the training nurse did it for me because he knows every location except for my arms so he watched so he knew where on my arms to do it.

I had some rigorous P.T. yesterday my legs are killing me soooooo bad but I suppose it is for my best interest. I am still haveing a very hard time eating and when I finally manage to eat keeping it down is a whole different story. I have this nasty after taste left in my mouth from the steroids and am havin a hard time even drinking and that sucks. There is nothing good to drink I have everything too!!! This sucks.

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have not been sleeping well which I know alot of that is from the steroids. But my god when can I get some ery much needed sleep?????


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