Saturday, August 20, 2005

What a long day yesterday....

I called my MS specialists office on wednesday to tell them that since my last NOvantrone things have been way off MY normal. Explained to the head nurse all the things that were and still are going on she said you need to be seen right away. So I made an appointment for yesterday. Oh my gosh yesterday was soooo horrible in a million different ways.
I had to take my daughter with me (she is 2) which wasn't really a bad thing she is very well behaved. My appointment was at 11 with my doc's NP. I told her everything that was going on. She called my doctor who was on the floor making the rounds(at least she said she called my dr.)She then came back in the room and said well Amanda she wants to admit you. None of this is right and we are worried about you and just want to do a few tests and it they turn out ok we will give you steroids and send you home to finish out the steroids. So of course I cried and almost down right refused to be admited.My mom was with me and convinced me to be admitted. So I agreed but they told me it would be like 1-2 hrs. before a room would be ready for me. So my mom, my daughter and I all went and had lunch.
We were back in like a half and hour and still they say 2-3 hrs for a room, so they took us over to the infusiaon room which is more comfortable a waiting room. Then it was just a waiting game as to get a room. Now after being there for 5 yeas 5 hours my mom went to find the only 2 pple left at the doc's office and said we are leaving. You see I did get to see the resident that would be working w/my dr. in taking care of me and she said well there is nothing that we can do for you today seeing how it is so late. So my mom tols the pple. can't she come back in the morning when there will be a room ready???
So the nurse called my doctor and you know what she said...Why is Amanda still here??? I wanted her home hours ago and on some steroids!!!! That NP lied about even calling my doctor scared the hell out of me which in turn terrified my daughter seeing me cry!!! I felt soooo bad for my baby girl seeing me like I was. So now Monday I will start steroids are home and hope that they help. It seems as though everytime I start going down hill I crash way too fast.


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