Tuesday, September 13, 2005

and so the long day begins.......

Okay it is 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and I have to start my get up and go. Yuck!!!I think that I will start by making a pot of coffee. Which usually the only time I drink coffee is #1 when Josh is here because he makes it #2 when I go to my mother in laws because she always has coffee on and #3 when I go somewhere with her because she is a Tim Horton's coffee addict and man I do not blame her their coffee is to die for. I do not like drinking coffee when I am gonna have a long day but man I really think I might need it today. I don't like drinking it when I am gonna have a long day because it makes me have to pee even more and you MS'ers know when you gotta go you gotta go. So as I sit here I am still debating whether or not to make this damn pot of coffee. oh eat a pathetic life when the most important decision of your day is to make coffee or not .

Man I did my shot hurt sooooooo bad last night. I was a lil prepared but not expecting that much pain with it. I took the prescription ibuprofen before hand for the side effects the only side effect I believe I have is some stiffness. BUt who knows if that is just the MS itself . I am a lil scared for my month on the 22mcg to be done and then have to go to the 44 mcg. The pain that I experienced was right after my husband pulled the needle out of my arm. I think it was the burn of the medication I was warned about so many times. I had Quorry massage it for me for the recommended 2 minutes with a warm cloth which my doctor recommended. That made it feel a little better but man it really did hurt. I don't wanna do it ever again..I miss my Avonex so much. The huge long needle of Avonex was so much better. I have been on these little tiny ass needles before for 3 years and hated them then too, only difference is that medication did not burn as bad as this one does. I just don't wanna have to do these painful shots anymore!!!! My dr promised me that if I would at least try for 6-8 months and still I was not liking it she would let me go back on the Avonex. I know though that the Rebif is a stronger medication and could help me so much more then the Avonex.....at least that is the hope. Because not even the Novantrone is doing me any good the last 2 doses anyway. to me that is terrifying I mean come on I am 25 years old and am gonna be in worse shape than an 90 year old. I need to be in tip top shape I have 4 kids to take care of.


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Isn't coffee one of the food groups? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is. 2 Cups a day will make you immortal, right?

12:59 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

i wish that was true 2 cups a day doesn't keep the potty away!!! ha ha ha

7:20 PM  

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