Monday, September 05, 2005

Didn't get to sleep till 2 ......

okay this non-sleeping shit is well shit!!! I guess last night would have been better if Quorry's brother and his girlfriend did not come back here for the night...So of course I was kept up with everyone messing around on my computer.

The good thing about right now the nerve pain isn't happening but I feel it trying to come on so I'm thinkin maybe if I just dump half the bottle of Neurontin down my throat along with some of my gin to wash it down there will be no nerve pain today...I'm thinking when I go see Dr.Garg next Tuesday I am gonna tell her that the Neurontin has lost it's zest and that I need something else. One of my message boards said Topamax works great too..Have to do some research on it have no clue what it really is.

Dinner last night was sooooo great. I ate more last night than the last 2 weeks combined. It was real nice to have an appetite for a night...Let's hope my appetite doesn't run and hide again on me.

This week OMG so damne busy don't know if I can keep up with everything I have to do. Tomorrow Kids' parent/teacher/student orientation..Brad's is from 12-2, and Andrew's is from 3-4. and oh yeah P.T. at 10 which I need to see if I can skip it tomorrow because there is no way I can do this orientation thing after P.T. it puts me down and out for the day. Wednesday have to go shopping for some food. That's always a task might have to take my wheelchair..Not sure yet I'll have to see how bad tomorrow kicks my ass. Then Thursday is my MRI at a new place I guess their machine is better than anyone else's we'll see. I also have to get my P.T. at 9 a.m. Friday my grandma will be here might possibly ride to airport with Mom depends what time I have to leave cuz we can not afford for Quorry to get any more time off this week. Saturday we are going to my mom's for dinner with my grandma's dinner at in laws of course. I hope I am still alive by Monday because Tuesday I see Dr.Garg.


Blogger personallog! said...

just dropping by to thankyou for your note on my blog! Dr Garg sounds like a character from a comic book! Fingers crossed for you MRI I know what hell they can be! Oh do you mind if I put a link on my blog to your site? Building the ms community! You go girl!

11:01 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Dave I enjoyed reading your blog and no I don't mind at all if you link me to ur site. Thanx for stopping by mine. DR.GArg she is an excellent DR. she is Indian not Native American LOL If I can figure out how to link u to my site I will!!!

3:06 PM  

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