Friday, September 16, 2005

didn't you think I was done bitching for the day???? So did I ......

I thought so to. I got my Rebif delivered today and would you believe that after these long few days on the phone with them and promises of getting my script on time with no problems that did not happen..I did get it today before noon..OMG amazing. Guess what though..they did not send me the 22mcg. no that would be to easy for me to have something go right today. They sent me the 44mcg. I talked to my chemo nurse today and told her how the nurses have been treating me and she said oh no they are not gonna do that...the last thing u need is more added stress. So that was taken care of. The nurse that actually came today told me if I ever had a problem with any of the nurses to let someone know like the supervisor..I told her that was who my problem was with. She said well there is someone above her and as soon as I leave here I have to go to the person above her anyway for a meeting so I will be sure to mention this. It is not right nor fair for u to be treated like this.

Well ok so I was happy for a brief moment about the fact that I won't be treated like shit anymore form people that I rely on so much. Okay so she tried a good vein it blew, got another good vein it blew, got another good vein it blew, got another good vein..and guess what yep u got it that one blew too. So fianlly 4 blown veins later got a good one that held up and that I was gonna keep in for tomorrow..but man was burning and pounding and well pulsating is the best way to explain it . By god did it hurt. So who knows what is gonna happen tomorrow?? There are not many options considering each hand has 2 blown veins. Maybe my arm again. My arm was used the last 2 days..3rd time's a charm right?? God I sure hope so...So please please wish me luck for tomorrow!!!!


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