Friday, September 09, 2005

Got a little more info on piece of shit man....

Well this morning my mom called me and told me exactly what happened according to the newspaper anyway. He got arrested for sexual misconduct..along with his now I see who his great role model is. He could possible have to register as a sex offender when all is said and done..and if he has to register for that he will never NEVER see Andrew again. I called his mom last night because Andrew left his swim trunks there and I need them for him for gym. Do you know that she never even said anything to me about what happened. That really pissed me off because I think that I deserve to know I mean come on I am the mother of his child...I deserve to know and have the right to know. Anyway Andrew is going to church with her on Sunday he is excited because he has been there with them before and he loves that church. I mean his mom she is great. Yet stupid, stupid for letting her son take advantage of her, stupid for not kicking him out on his ass..He has options there is always welfare they would make his stupid ass work. He can't drive doesn't have a liscense. You wanna know why he lost it pretty much forever. Too many DWI's and DUI's the DWI's obviously he was drunk the DUI's he was drunk and on marijuana the reason that the cops knew he was under the influence is because he was stupid enuff to be smoking a joint when they pulled him over but it did not matter to him he was drunk and stupid. You know it is no surprise to me that he touched a women unappropriately. You wanna know why?? Okay do the math I am 25 my son is 11. I got pregnant with him when I was 13. Of course I loved him oooo so much and he told me that he loved me and that he would be my boyfriend if I had sex with him so I did remember I was only 13. You wanna know how old he was?? almost 19!!!!! Okay now I am gonna post a picture of Andrew. I want u to look at it he is such a precious great child. He helps me sooo much he volutarily does more than any 11 year should have to do. He hlps me a lot when my MS is abd, I love him so much. But look at him how could anyone deny this child..that is what his father does..please not for the record he has a great Daddy in my husband.

Okay my rant for the day is done. My MRI was so great yesterday. It was at a new to me MRI place that machine looked like something from the way far future. It was nice and like always I fell asleep.The people were so much nicer there than the previous place I went for my MRI's. My doctor already has the results too. I called today. I will find out the (bad) most likely news about my MRI on Tuesday.My fingers are crossed tightly for sure!!!!


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