Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Got out of bed.......

and did more today already than I did the entire day yesterday. Got kids off to school, got my whiny husband off to work, did a load of laundry, did dishes, swept kitchen floor. Wow what a day already and it is not even 10 o'clockyet. I am gonna be feeling it tonight tomorrow and next week too. My fault but what u gonna do? I am going to Walmart with my mother in law and man is Kaylee (the shopaholic) exstatic. I have to return 2 pairs of jeans taht my MIL bought for her. Probly get some groceries and some snacks who knows. Just will be nice to get out of the house,
Aurora called twice already this morning. Can't she get the hint. I did not answer the phone yesterday, last week the week before...What's it gonna take for her to get the hint. I will talk to her when I have to because my husband happend to like her husband and so do I. We will not go there for bbq's or anything like that though. Her kids are such a bad influence on mine and I don't like that at all.Her kids are worse thatn my sister's bratty little kids..that is so hard to believe that there are kids worse than my sisters. Not that I am saying my kids are prefect, but at least my kids have structure and discipline in their lives..heather's and Aurora's don't. They feel bad when they punish their kids...BIG BIG mistake on their part. But you know what none of my business what they do with their kids.

Possibly good news for us MS'ers soon....


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