Thursday, September 08, 2005

Great Father....yeah my ass...

Got a phone call today from a friend of mine saying guess what I read in the paper at work last night? Jason was arrested for doing something to a girl. I had to hang up cuz my doc was beeping through. So I called her back and she said he either hit a girl or touched a girl she couldn't remember exact details. He is in jail in lieu of $1000 bail. You know what really gets my goat?? #1 no body called to inform me and #2 no body called to inform me. Don't get me wrong I am glad he is in jail and I hope he makes home of it because I am just sending him back soon for not paying child support. Ok now to tell ya the story...Jason is my oldest's biological father. He has always been a piece of shit and still is. He still hasn't realized he has a son nor has he acted like it. For Christs sake Andrew is 11 fucking years old grow up and at least pay your damn child support. Now Jason is 30 and still has his mom take care of everything from calling me and saying Jason wants to know, to making up all these excuses for him. Like prime example Jason was not there for Andrew's first baseball game like he promised Andrew he would be. His Mom called and said Jason has a sore throat so that is why he wasn't there. Bullshit I sat with Jason's 3 sisters at the game and Jason's step dad (notice how they were all there but not him Piece of shit) and all of them said he's not here because he went out and got drunk last night and had a bad hangover so that is why he is not here. His mom needs to quit doing that for him that is exactly why he is the way he is. It is disgusting to me. I will tell you one thing right now that I will never make up bullshit excuse for my kids like that and my kids will not be living at home, un-employed, having me buy his beer, cigarettes, and weed at the age of 30 no freaking way!!!!

okay now that that rant is over....I am so excited!!!! No more PT talked to my docs office yesterday and told them again how much pain I am in since starting the PT and the fact that I could walk before the PT and that you can't really call what I am doing now walking. She said stop right away you may just be one of the few select people that PT hurts more than helps..I said u think?? I have a good reputation of being one of the odd ones. I am one of the 3% of MS patients that has PRMS, one of the even smaller percentage of people that have a severe hypersensitivity to Copaxone. Why do all the few selects for me have to be so damn bad????

Have to go to my MRI soon yeah!!!Gotta shower then leave


Blogger Alex said...

sorry about the crappy comments. Whats the MRI for? Do support groups really help? and sorry about that guy we have a bad one in our family to.... -alex

11:37 AM  
Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Have to read these posts fast so forgive me if I make a mistake.
People who commit sex crimes are the lowest in my book.

I'm sorry for all the past stuff with your ex, too.
On to the good news you wrote about PT! WOW! That rocks! I'm hoping STRONGLY U will be chosen. (((Amanda))

12:15 AM  

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