Saturday, September 24, 2005

Great say the least......

Today at the Copaxone sponsored seminar I had such a great time. I met Shelly. It was kinda funny because the plan all week has been for me to call her cell from mine when I got there. I live like an hour or so from where it was where Shelly lives less than 5 minutes. So My mom and I got there like 20 minutes early and I called Shelly's cell 15 min. before the seminar was to start. I was a little dissapointed when I got her voice mail. So my mom and I went into the nice little "conference hall". Now I remembered that Shelly and I gave a brief description of ourselves to find each other this was before we came up with the brilliant idea of both of us having cell phones..anyway I remeber Shelly saying she has blonde curly,curly hair. When we got inside I looked for that description and saw someone matching that standing behind me and thought not my luck. Got our little "gift" bags that included a visor, Copaxone pens, Water bottles, lotion, and a sticky pad. We went into the room and sat and then all of a sudden the blonde woman that was standing behind me said "Are you Amanda?" I of course said Yes, " Are you Shelly?" She said yes. Then we sat there and talked until the first speaker was speaking. We had a nice brunch provided to us by the we had plenty of talk time. We decided that we would try to meet up now as often as possible.
The first speaker was Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, MD. She spoke mainly of the clinical aspect of MS. She spoke some on the return of tysabri to our MS Clinic. Of the differences of all of the FDA approved drugs. Like I said her presentation for the most part was clinical. She happens to be Shelly's doctor so she was very pleased to listen to her speak. Up next was my doctor Neeta Garg, M.D.. She spoke on symptom managemant. Her presentation was more up beat so to say. She made us laught. Talked about the importance of taking it easy when feeling overwhelmed with fatigue and of all the medicines used to help with fatigue. It was funny because all of the medicines she spoke about for fatigue I have tried. Amantadine...put me to sleep, Adderall..terrified me because of the way I felt the first and only pill I took, Provigil ...I can not take because it will make my birth control un-effective ( can't do that), Elavil...which I take. Then next up was a physical therapist who works very close with my MS clinic. She had us doing yoga excercises from our chairs, and all kinds of stuff. She Susan Bennett, P.T., Ed.D.,N.C.S. definitely ahd the room awake. Then it was Marathon Runner & Mountain ClimberWendy Booker . What a great speaker. This woman is soooooooo amazing and has been on Copaxone for the 7+ years she has been diagnosed with MS. Truly inspirational.
So far today I have baked banana bread. Easy Black Bottom Cupcakes , which I can not wait for these cupcakes to cool down because I remember my grandma making them for me when I was little and loved them soooo much. Sometime today I am going to make some pumpkin bread too and probably some brownies. Who knows?? Quorry was supposed to make peanut butter cookies, but he drank way too much milk and now his stomach is bothering him big time. Oh yeah and I did all of this baking so far by myself because my jerk FIL cam and stole my boys for the weekend. Which is ok by me they need a break from their crabby mommy!!!!


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