Saturday, September 17, 2005

Have I been in a poor poor me kinda mood lately?? I didn't think so......

Well apparently my father-in-law (FIL) thought so yesterday. he made me soooo upset. He actually put me in that kinds mood and destroyed my day...hell he destroyed my entire week that I worked so hard on keeping myself positive. I am pretty much done with him. I do not have to take that kind of mental torture or abuse. It is not my fault that he is not happy with his life is it??Hell no it isn't!!!!Here is an excerpt from some of the shit he wrote to me last night it may not seem so bad to you but man did it tear me apart. Especially because I had so much respect for this man!!!
FIL: anything that happens to you that you don't like IS your but that doesn't ring true for me..I can't control what happens to me FIL:bs you are sick ... that's it , you have a disease that you can't control but you can run the house me: god do I wish that I could be in charge of everything that happens to me
So maybe to some of you that doesn't seem like such a big deal but man did it real hurt me soooo bad. I have done nothing but be there for this man to be a shoulder to cry on. I guess he was having a bad day..but I was not even after all of the healthcare mess that happened. I got my steroids I was happy until he decided he would take his bad day out on me. He did apologize but that felt empty to me. I went to his house after my MS walk in May and boy was I in sucha great mood. My team raised almost $5,000. I told him that do you know what he said??? Well it is just to bad that the money you guys raised will all go for corporate bullshit..not to find a cure they probably won't find a cure in your lifetime. That hurt me so bad he apologized and promised he would never bring my MS up around me you see that is why the fake ass apology I got last night was nothing to me but another fake ass empty bullshit apology!!!!

K on a happier note next Saturday I am going to an MS seminar. My doctor is one of the featured speakers and so is another doctor from my MS clinic. Anyway someone that I met online at, sees this other doctor and she lives 5 minutes from where the seminar is. So we are going to meet up there that is soooooo freaking exciting!!!!

K well I will be back periodically today my nurse it gonna be here any minute to try to get a vein. please wish me luck!!!!!


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