Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's been 1 week one day....

since I started the Rebif. So far so good. Still no yuck side that is great!!! I have to call the nurse today to see if she can come tomorrow and do my shot because Quorry and I are confused about one of my injection sites and that is the one that we were supposed to use last we just did my right arm.

The wheelchair guy came today and measured me and showed me the one that I would most likely get. It is definitely better than the one that I have. A lot more light weight and more practical. The wheels can even come off of it to fit in a trunk. I thought that was the shit!!!! exciting life of a 25 yr.old when I am astounded by the littlest, dumbest shit. Spence that is his name was the guy who helped with a few of my brother-in-laws wheelchairs. What a small world.

P.T. today wasn't as painful but man more tiring than ever and I am sure it will be more painful than the other times come tomorrow. I did a lot of stuff that I have not been able to do in a very long time. Of course she had to help me A LOT!!!!I know that when I am done with the physical therapy it will be well worth it. She still has to keep on eye on me to make sure that it is doing more good than damage. Last time she was here she was a lil worried that it may be hindering vs. helping. I guess we will have to wait and see.So she will be here next tuesday and I told her I wanted her to start coming a little bit later. She was kinda bitchy about it too. I have to get Kaylee breakfast. So she will come at 10 this next time but then has to continue to come at 9 so I guess she will just have to wait if Kaylee wants breakfast while she is here so I can feed my daughter.

My honey's b-day is Sunday. I really wish that I could get him something. I hate that I never have any money. Well I guess I do I put my SS check to pay for mortgage and the truck payment. I told him last night that I wish I could get him something he said well than get me something. I said I have no money, and the money I had is gone on the bills. He said then you did get me something u paid for my truck. How is that right??? We are married it is 50/50 that is hardly a b-day present. Like last year I had some money and got him a new razor and he loved it. Oh well I guess this year will be like every other year (w/exception of last) and I will not get him anything.and even if I had money I would have to have him drive me somewhere to get him something. I really really really wanna get him a laser level and stud finder b/c he wants both of them. Maybe someday.


Blogger Erik said...

Just came across your blog.

The ever fun joys of the MS and the ensuing complications. Hope all works out for the birthday!

Glad all is working out OK with the Rebif.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Happy joys of Rebif to you. I just started on August 24th. So we're kind of in the same boat. Best of luck to you.

9:44 PM  

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