Friday, September 16, 2005

k thought being screwed by healthcare crap was over..boy was I wrong

Ok last night I was nearly in tears. I received a call from Curascript which is the place that delivers my Rebif. Ok the first call was made in the morning which by the way the Rebif was supposed eo be here yesterday morning. So anyway they told me they changed the delivery date to Tuesday. Ok that was fine as long as it was here before Wednesday because I will use my last shot Monday night. K so I was somewhat satisfied. They said the reason for the delay is because my dr. still did not fax the prescription there. I said oh yes she has like 4 or 5 times. The lady said ewell we have not recieved any thing. So I immediately hung up and called my chemo nurse who takes care of everything for me. I stayed on the phone with her beause she wanted me to hear the fax going through for the 6th time she said. I heard it and she recieved the confirmation that the fax was recieved. So okay Rebif calls me again at like 8ish last night telling me sorry new delivery date is next Thursday or Friday. WHAT???? That would mean that I would ahve to miss at least one shot. I explained to the lady that would be detremental to my health and I started crying. I appologized and she said sht understood. I mean come on. I was off of meds for 3 months and look at the damage it did to me!!! So she put me on hold and said ok the medicine will be at the FED-EX station tomorrow I can pick it up after 10 am. I said do you realize that the station is close to 2 hours away and a lil hard to get there when I can not drive and my husband does have to work. She said oh, does the medicine have to be refrigerated? I said it is reccomended, but not necessary it is safe for 30 days at room temperature. She said ok,put me on hold again. Got back on the phone only to say Good news we did get the fax 8 times..8 fucking times!!! That just made me cry again 1 for joy and 2 for ANGER!!!She said it was faxed to New Jersey and not to Florida. DUH!!! I live in New York so that makes sense right ?? She readily agreed. So anyway I will recieve my shipment today thank god!!!

So I didn't sleep for shit last night due to the Steroid power jump. I hate when I get it but I love it to. Hate it because then I have a little burst of energy and I do way too much and get back to worse then I was before the steroid energy high. Man are my legs feeling that stupidness of a mistake. I love it because I can get everything done that I hadn't been able to get done while I was down and out. Like getting the kitchen floor clean. and stupid other lil stuff that just bothers me. See I am not a neat freak but I like my house to be as spotless at possible. When I say my house is a mess and people are here and they all say I wishe my house was as messy as yours is, meaning they wish their house was as clean as mine. They can't understand how a disabled mother of 4 always has a clean house. You know what neither can I. You need to ahve a celan house when You are medicnes that lower you immune system frequently , like the Novantrone and the Rebif lowers the immune system too. So I have to keep a clean house. I have a $1300 vacuum cleaner that does everything but wipe my ass. So I use for everything but that. It shampoos too. I need a shampooer I have a brand new carpet in a few rooms in my housem My boys just got a new carpet less than a month ago. The carpet in my living room was laid about a year ago when we bought our house. So I definitely have to keep up on my carpets...I don't wanna have to be replacing carpet anytime soon. Carpet it way too expensive.

So I am getting dose 2 of roids today. Who knows what the hell time or who it is gonna be because my health department is outta their mind. They are so not with it and many people myself included are paying the price of them being a fuck up. I just don't wanna get it when my daughter wants to be eating lunch like I did yesterday. Oh well I guess as long as I get it what right do I have to bitch???


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