Thursday, September 29, 2005

K update on my daughter....

Well today we went to the pediatrician. He did everything that he could do. So he then called an ENT (ear, nose, throat)specialist. The ENT said to get her there today and he would look at her. So that is what we did. He looked at her nose and said that we had 2 choices one being we could stay there and let him keep poking and prodding at her nose or number 2 we could go to Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo in the morning for "surgery". They would put her under for less than 30 seconds and pull the thing out that she stuck in her nose. So we chose the "surgery". I trust this doctor as he is the same one that did surgery on my son Andrew 4 years ago to put tubes in his ear. Yet still a little nerve wrecked this is my 2 yr. old daughter. But I have faith that god will not let anything harm her. Please pray for her for me..Thanks!!!


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