Friday, September 16, 2005

k well how in the hell is more healthcare mess ups gonna be allowed to happen????

K what else could go wrong??? K so one of the bitchy nurses just called and said I am waiting on the brand new nurse who has never started an IV before on an MS person's tough veins to show up here then we will be over I am gonna stay till she gets the needle in then she is on her own is that ok with you?? I said you are kidding right?? The reason one of the nurses moved to a different part of t he county duties is because of how bad she screwed up on me she left here the last time in tears. She poked me 6 times and could not get it and called in another nurse to do it and the other nurse for it one shot. In the exact place that I told the other nurse to do it. God I am terrified. I think that I am gonna see if my wonderful state insurance will pay for different nursing. I hate being back on Medicaid. I guess I should be grateful, and in a lot of aspects I am . The only reason I am even back on it is because I am Social Security. Oh well I will take what ever is thrown at me in stride. Dave ok jumping that high with you might be better then jumping off the deep end from stress and fear of the wacked out crazy nurses!!!!

Oh yeah she was pissed because I did not get a hep lock yesterday. I told her I am the one who has to get poked so what is the problem. She said not so nice at all it would have been easier on me then I would not have had to come over with the new nurse. Easier on her ??? Go screw off bitch. First of all my vein was on the verge of blowing yesterday just while the med. was running, and I am allergic to any kinds of tape and they hurt me so bad. Screw her like I said I am the one who has to get poked. Last time I got 3 days of roids I was poked almost 20 times because my veins suck. My god I get IV' s all the damn time soon very very very soon I am gettin my medi-port. And all this poking crap will be done 4 ever!!!


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