Thursday, September 22, 2005

Not my fault he's not happy.......

God my father-in-law is such an asshole. He was here today in a pissy mood. He just bought a brand new Chevy Trailblazer..and my mother-in-law took off in it and left him here with the car. No big deal right?? Yeah right with him it seems as though it was. He was bitchy to me of course because she took off with it..if it was such a big deal he shouldn't have let her take the stupid thing. He then started working on Andrew's computer..boy did that make his already nasty mood all the more pleasant. he then comes into my room gets on my puter..which I thought he was probably hooking up our networking card..well nope he was fucking with all of my settings on my desktop and lord knows what else he did. I just bought a brand new puter because I asked him to fix my old one and well had to buy a new one because he screwed my old one all up big time. He claims to know what he is doing for computers but I have told him I do not want him touching this one. I mean come on I spent almost $1,200 on this system, I will pay a real professional to fix it. My mom has a great computer guy who is very reasonably priced. so I hope he gets over his shitty ass attitude. Maybe we will not go there for dinner Sunday. Not if Anna (mil) is not gonna be there. I told him I would buy the steaks and everything else all he has to do is cook the steaks. We were talking about while he was here I asked him which cut of beef he wanted he said preferably filet mignon..I said no problem. He was like that is just too damn expensive you blow money like it's water. What the fuck ever. He can go fuck himself. I need to stop letting him do this to me. I think most likely I am not gonna go there Sunday..I have had enuff of him this week. I am going to have a great positive day Saturday and would like to carry that over to Sunday. I am going to the MS seminar, sponsored by Teva Neuroscience meeting Someone I have been talking to for months, then come home and have a family day baking with the kids. We are going to go crazy on baking that is for sure!!!!

I am going to call Rebif and Joan ( my link to my dr) to see where the hell I should do my shots. CAn't do them in my legs they are too thin and damn did it hurt only with the 8.8mcg. My dr. told me last Tuesday not to do them in the legs. My ass and tummy are my site of choice..god knows after having 4 kids I have enuff stomach to do it in, my ass well it is flat but there is plenty to pinch up on. My arms are a very hard spot to do also. So who knows where I am gonna do it tomorrow?? Did it belly last nite, and ass on monday. I guess I will figure it out tomorrow??


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