Thursday, September 29, 2005

Not a tic-tac this time.....

K let me explain that title. When Andrew was 2 he shoved a tic-tac up his nose. Of course I was freakin the hell out and so thankful that I was at my friend Becky's hous who jus so happens to be a very good paramedic. We got it out after just alil while, But the whole time she was "working" on him I was thinking to myself at least it's a tic-tac it will dissolve. Wahlah...she go it out. So today has a brief flash back moment. Kaylee shoved a plastic flower bead up her nose. What the heck??? So now I have to take her to the doctor and pary like hell that he can help her do not really want her to have to go to the hospital. She is already freaked out that she has to go to the DR. She loves her dr. too, I guess she knows this is different then the last few times. She has this woman's intuition stuff already. The last visit was because of pink eye no bing deal get eye drops..time before that she was allergice to her diapers and that got her to finally stop peeing her pants. So her expereinces with her dr. to her have been great. So now I am going to get dressed to go with her to the Doctor and will post the update on how it wnet with here when I get the chance later today.....


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