Friday, September 02, 2005 I am scared.....

I was sad and a little scared yesterday after watching more on the hurricane victims. Scared for all them babies that they have shown that have no milk no water. Then we went out and the gas prices literally went up 20cents in less than an hour up to $3.19 who knows what it is today???...ok that was scary enuff but then I went into the grocery store to get milk for my kids and I got the last gallon of milk that the store had...that is everyone else knows something that I do not. I told Quorry I feel so guilty for even bringing children into this world...look at it!!!

On a lighter note My DSL modem will be here today. The crappy thing about that is it can't be used until after 6p.m. SEptember 7th. that really sucks that I will have the modem and everything I need except for the release on my phone line. but that will be such a great day because it is the first day of school. I can not wait.Then the8th MRI, 9th my grandma will be here, 13th Dr.Garg, 16th Marvin(father-in-law) and Chrissy's(niece) b-day, oh yeah the 5th is my mom's b-day, 7th Billy (other father-in-law)and Jacob my brother from Wyoming..and of course my honey's b-day is Sunday!!!!Man September is busy busy busy!!!!


Blogger Erik said...

I wouldn't regret bringing the kids into the world. They truly are some of life's great blessing, and can serve as a beutiful thing in contrast to some of these horrors.

The joys of DSL. I don't know about your specifics but my DSL was up a couple days in advance of the install date - which beats the heck out of it being late! What are you getting your degree in? -where are you going?

1:50 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Hi Erik
Thanks for commenting on my board. Ok great news My DSL was actaully ready yesterday just like u predicted and I am using it now..It is GREAT!!!! Ok as far as the school thing my kids start school. I am going to go back to school as soon as my youngest Kaylee starts school. Have no idea yet what I am gonna pursue...

If you have a blog I would love to visit just comment back ans I will check it out!!!

11:55 PM  
Blogger Erik said...

I guess you've found it now! ;-)

Glad to hear about the DSL!

10:27 AM  

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