Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tired..oh so tired....

Oh my goodness this morning was horrible. I am sooooo tired. Andrew yet again did not set his alarm to get up and ready for school. So I had to get up to wake him. He thought he was going to wear shorts. Ha ha funny it was only 32 degrees out this morning when he had to go out to wait for the bus. Don't get me wrong it is my responsibility to get my son up but you know what he is 11 and has an alarm clock and can get dressed all by himself. I told him last night to make sure that his alarm was set to the buzzer and not the radio....guess what he said ok mom it is. So me stupid and nieve believed him. Why?? I don't know he lies soooo much makes me feel like I'm not raising my children correctly. You know though we all make mistakes and no one is perfect. My children are very grounded and to be honest very well behaved kids. I have no problem finding anyone to watch them for me...not that they ever are with a babysitter..but I know I could get one with the snap of a finger. So anyway today I made him make sure that the alarm was set right it is so now tomorrow I can get up kiss him good bye and go back to sleep for an hour or so until I have to get Bradley up. This morning was really awful because Bradley and Kaylee woke up. Kaylee just now fell asleep and now she is never gonna sleep tonight. Poor Bradley went to school and just told me he is really tired. So he will be easy to go to bed tonight. Andrew always is so no problem other than Kaylee. Tonight oughta be fun.
Got a call last night that made me sooooo happy. In about 6 weeks Gerrott is moving back to NY and getting the hell out of Pennsylvania. I have so much to do. I have to get him enrolled in school, go get temporary custody, and rearrange his room. It so will be worth all of it. I miss him so much. I am a little worried about the big fight I am gonna have with his Dad. he is gonna fight me all the way on the custody issue. here is the thing he has nothing on me...I have never done anything wrong legally like he has. Because Ann is leaving him he will go right back to his drinking habits and no way in hell do I want my son with his Dad if he is gonna be the drunk that I left. He knows that she is moving back to NY and he doesn't wanna come. He is already back to drinking because he knows if he doesn't come with her it is over. It is sad for them and those 8 kids that they have together but the kids miss NY and all the family that is here. I am probably gonna try to meet her in Elizabethtown which is where they live. If I can and maybe help her move some of her stuff. I hope that I can. I love Ann she is the greatest step-mother to my son. I could not ask for better. She is one hell of a woman. She takes care of 6 kids on a full time mind you one of them kids is mine... and in summer 8 kids...2 of his kids from a previous realtionship...and she has Fibromyalgia. She is one hell of a woman. Her and I are good friends. It was either hate each other and make my son't life a living hell or get along for his sake. So we chose the latter. From that a friendship bloomed. She is a great friend we talked on the phone for 3 hours last night.

Ok Here is the answer to the brain teaser from just look at the errors and add the letter that is missing. That will then give you Halloween. Kinda different I thought. So I am not gonna do riddles anymore. I might do something else who knows.

Ok I can't find the picture of me as a lemur. But i have to confess that I lied there is another photoshopped pic on my puter. There is one with my face on a llama I believe that is what it is so now I am gonna post. No rude comments. That was along day and I look like hell. It was a long day those MS walks are tiring. Not that I walked I could not even walk 5 inches let alone 5 miles at that time. I rode in my wheelchair. My dad pushed me like he does every year. ok well I give up my pics are not working. I tried.....


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