Friday, September 23, 2005

To mate or not to mate....that is the ?.....

to mate socks that is. How sad is that?? the burning question of my day. Ho hummm......I have been scolded by my husband the last few days for not listening to him and calming down. And of course I am feeling the price of not listening to him. My legs are killing me. I am too scared to take my Neurontin, the last few days I have been getting so incredibly high off it. Okay that's not such a bad thing other than I hate that feeling, lose any hopes of appetite, can hardly stay awake to take care of Kaylee. The plus side is i feel no pain in my legs, in my arms, my nowhere. Dr. Garg has mentioned marijuana on more than one occasion, but I get the same feelings from that too..only am more able bodied to take care of my daughter. I have never really taken an interest in any drugs. Even the ones I am supposed to take. Quorry did roll me a small joint last night and told me if I needed it to smoke it but guess where it still sits right where he put it. I don't know I do know that I have to do something my legs are on FIRE!!! I have to go out to the store tonight to to get more baking supplies for our great baking day 2005. Getting out always makes thing better in the emotional department. The physiacal usually kicks my ass. I'm only going to 3 stores of which have to run in get little garbage cans and this one happens to be in the plaza of the major grocery store I will be at. So it shall be easy.

Well I called Joan today about my shots. She said just make sure I rotate arms, tummy, and ass. She said if I love even 5 more lbs the arms will be out of the question. She makes it sound like I am like 90lbs. or something.Lord knows i am far from that. I just wish that there was ananswer to this 30 pound weight loss. I'm not complaining in the least but it happened so much so fast. It it a little scary. I have to say though that my appetite is beginning to make an apperance more and more....


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