Tuesday, September 27, 2005


K strange title huh? Well let me explain....My MIL wrote on her blog today and was a little proud of how humorous she was today..she told me go read (we were on messenger)so ok I did. She said "So what did you THINK??" NOw to understand why I put the think that way you will have to go read her blog (Jade) I rather liked it. It was a little witty for her. I said well I wish I wrote on mine like that..she said you do. I said yeah ok whatever. She then calls me and says well all you have to do is stop complaining about the MS on yours......now hang on screech..I said but that is the whole reason I even developed my blog..she said sweetie I know but you will shock all your readers (like I have 20 million). She said then after a couple of days of being funny go back and start complaing(bitching I said) and then just bounce back and forth between the 2 different styles. That is way too much mental work for this honestly and literally brain damaged girl to try to do. So I am just gonna be my normal whiny sometimes cry-babyish loving girl. I will do what I know I am good at that is BITCHING!!! I've decided that my writingsa re just as good as hers even thought they are not funny they are good to me and that is all that matters to me. (Great Mark now you got me being really narcassistic) Thank YOU!!! I need that sometimes hell we all need that sometimes. So anyway I am just gonna do what I always do..maybe throw in a few surprises....Please scroll down to the previous post and look at #2 as I am embarassingly enuff gonna show the picture of the lemur sometime in the near future) K now off to my norm....
I am so glad that Quorry has the whole week off (aside from no paycheck this week)because he has been so sick. And like any other stubborn male that I know he was fighting me on going to the DR. Well today finally he said will you please call the doctor..I need to be seen. Oh really like hello have I not been telling you that. Anyway I called and he got in right away. He has an intestinal virul infection. So he can't even go on the BRAT DIET strictly liquid. Like if you can read through it you can be on it..with the exception of sodas they have to be flat no bubbles, no carbination. Thank god I got him off the 5 two liters of Dr.Pepper a day diet already or I would ship him off to get over his caffeine addiction. Thank god he finally just got into dirinking water more often. He likes to steal my (Dasani) water all the time too jerk!! Oh well you know he has lost like 20 lbs since I made him quit drinking so much soda?? Which is good for him in more ways then one. So now he is at his mom's doing some work for her that she can not do because of her shoulder surgery a couple months ago. He is gonna start out today doing the garage for her.
I'm gonna start something new for myself mainly too. For mental excercises which are good for my minor cognitive impairments. Today I'm gonna start with the daily brainteaser for myself to try to figure out. Then from now on will post the answer the next day. You can get these brainteasers from Braingle. They really are good for us MS people there are a ton of things for mental excercises but I think a good start for me to keep my interest is the brain teasers. Later maybe I will move on to bigger stuff.

As you are reading this message, you will notice some spelling errors.
Do not be frigtened, however. This is how you must anelyze: First, find al of the missing, repeated, or incorrect letters
Second, alow yurself to look at these and look at the wword that is represinted
Finally, tell me a numbur that most commonnly is associated with the word
Good Luck


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