Thursday, September 15, 2005

What a joke the healthcare system can be sometimes......

okay before I start telling this "story" if u will I need to tell you the cast of characters.
Barb=my town's head homehealth care nurse she overlooks all the visiting nurses.
Jack=my drug dealer the guy who has always delivered my IV drugs
Cathy= the homehealth care nurse that did my last chemo and who taught my husband how to do the Rebif shots
Carolyn= my former PT

Ok now here is the story...Yesterday morning about 9 am Barb called me and man was that bitch in rare form let me tell you what..she said did you know anything about steroids for 3 days. I said yeah I do, she said well your doctor's office faxed it to Carolyn for some stupid reason and not here nor Option Care (which is the pharmacy that fills these orders for all my IV drugs.) Now keep in mind that she was mean, nasty and very rude to me. I told her I said Barb the person that usually does all of this for me that has all the necessary fax numbers was not in the office yesterday. She said I don't give a shit Amanda. JNI (Jacob's Neurological Institute)(my docs office) is a multi-million dollar corporation they have to be with the widespread prevelence of MS in our community. I told her that everyone makes mistakes haven't you ever made a mistake?? She said NO I have never. Yeah freakin right. So we hung up me hurt and pissed. Then Carolyn called me and explained it more to me so that it made sense as to why it was faxed to her. She said when I called her and told her that my doctor wanted me to stop the PT ASAP. Gave her the phone number to my doc's office and the person she spoke with that day gave her the fax # to my doc's office so she could fax something to get the a ok to stop my PT. So the person she spoke with that day is the one who ordered my orders for yesterday. This person is not familiar with my case at all and had no idea where to fax anything and the only fax# she had was my PT's. so it made perfect sense to me. So anyway Jack called me and said I am gonna be there around 7-7:30 is that ok I said yeah sure. K So when Cathy showed up at like 6 I was a bit confused. She said that Barb told her Jack would be here 5:30-6. I said no Jack is not gonna be here till 7ish. She said ok I will be back I said ok. She came back at 7 and 10 after Jack called saying he was running late he would not be here for like an hour and half. That was fine with me except for I did not wanna get the roids so damn late. Cathy said that it is the County's rules to not start the iv roids after 6 but Barb wanted her to because get this Barb did not wanna have to work this weekend just to give me my roids.What a bitch!!! So I did not get any last night ha ha Barb. she better not take it out on me saturday. But I got my roids at 12p.m. today so all is well.
Got my first ass shot last night the needle stick did not hurt but man the burn of that damn medicine did. It was so funny to see the look on my hubby's face while he got to rub my ass for the 2 minutes he liked it and thank god the kids were in bed is all I have to say..and I will leave it at that....


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