Monday, September 19, 2005

What a tiring day...

I do not know why my day was so tiring. It was quite relaxing actually. Just me and Kaylee with all the boys in school and Quorry at work. I guess the days of not much steroidal sleep and then the small burst of steroidal energy yesterday are coming back to haunt me or kick my ass or you know what it seems like both. Yesterday I really over did it. I had not vacuumed in like a week..which you know there is something wrong with me when my house is not clean. The floors getting done is not usually on the very top of my list. Although it should be I mean come on Quorry just bought me a $1,300 vacuum this thing does everything too. So I vacuumed everywhere in my house possible..blinds, ceiling fans, tables...everything...and of course my house looks nice but man am I done for. I think that maybe tomorrow I should stay in bed all day like Quorry told me to do today to recover from this fatigue battle. It will be easy to do with Kaylee because all I have to do is get her into my bedroom and turn Nickelodeon on and I can relax. I should have done that today...I guess there are those days when man you should follow your husband's advice. Today would be one of those days. I have to stay up at least to watch the season premier of Medium. I love that show. My life may seem pathetic..but when you can not go anywhere the t.v. and the puter and the phone are the only life lines to reality sometimes. I also have to stay awake long enough to get my Rebif shot. Quorry will be out for awhile visiting friends he said if I am asleep he will just stab me in the ass. Smart ass that he is but he will wake me to do it.

Tomorrow....well no plans really....maybe talk to my mom since she has been so busy lately with my grandma visiting and then her just getting back from Chicago. I know that I have to definitely save some energy for Saturday. That is my seminar and I am very excited. Shelly emailed me with her cell phone number so we can try to meet up in the parking lot. i'm a little nervous though. I worry about what other think about my looks WAY too much. I guess it's just the fact that I don't have much for self confidence. Quorry makes me feel beautiful all the time but when I am out in the public eye...I feel well like I look like a nasty freak. i have some more confidence sice mysteriously losing 20 lbs. Which I have to say does make me feel better. Iwas happy to a point at my weight I guess mainly because I maintaned it for 3 years. It is such a pain now because all of my clothes are way to big and I tend to not spend money on myself. So I have been borrowing my mom's and mil's pants and stuff...just to have some clothes that fit. We will see how I feel about all of this come saturday when I am sure there will tears because I don't like what I am wearing...but that is just my normal juvenile moods that I get into sometimes. I never really got to do all the normal juvenile things...when my age group was doing that normal stuff I was changing a diaper or potty training. Let me tell you having a baby at 14 really makes you grow up fast, I would not change it for the world...I had Andrew..and all my peers had drugs and problems.


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