Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Whoa what a long day I've had....

Man what a day....First to start the P.T. It really wasn't too bad today as she knew that I had a long day today and I told her about all the nerve pain that I had over the weekend which started immediately after the P.T. on Thursday. So all I really did today was some balance exercises on a BIG red ball. Man was I terrified it kept felt like I was gonna fall off of the ball. She told me that I did an excellent job at it and well surpassed what she had expected. Like what I can't do great things?? I asked her that too. She was like no what I meant was..I said stop I was just messing with you. Ok then had to go to Bradley's Orientation which was long and tiresome...had to walk so freakin much. Then we had to take a quick bus ride to get the kids used to riding the bus. Well while I was walking up the bus stairs my rt. leg decided it wanted to go out me (like usual) and I bammed my shin on the second stair. Man is it gonna leave a nasty bruise too I can feel it. K then to the store to get the rest of Brad's school supplies. Then to Andrew's school. That was not so bad did not have to walk as much and now finally home.

Ok being home isn't so great cuz there is no way in hell I am gonna be able to cook dinner. I think that maybe we will order out who knows??


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