Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Finally got some good sleep.........joyous!!!!

I got some great sleep last night. I took a shower at 8ish while Quorry put the 2 youngest to bed, Andrew was at Awanas with his friend like every Tuesday. I got out of shower and right into bed. Quorry and I watched our normal Tuesday night shows and I fell asleep even before the news at 11. I did not wake again till 5:15 to make sure that Andrew was up getting ready for school, he was so I did not even get out of bed. Went right back to sleep till the alarm went off at 7:15 for Brad. Then I got up for the day. It was sooooo nice to get that much sleep. I can't remeber the last time I got that much sleep. Uninterrupted at that. I didn't even have to get up to make my nightly rounds to the bathroom 7 or 8 times. I thought for sure though this morning I was gonna pee my pants I had to go so bad. Must be my spastic bladder was giving me a break last night. Could be because I have been so doped up on my muscle relaxers and maybe just maybe one time they worked for my bladder. Which I know most likely isn't why..but so what I don't care why I slept for almost 8 hours!!!

Next Tuesday I am going to the Annual Meeting of the National MS Society which is followed by "Research Updates" with Dr. Bennett Myers. I have never met Dr. Myers he is an MS specialist at one of the 2 MS clinics in my area and he is at the one that I do not and will not go to. I am excited to go I love trying to keep up on the most current news that affects me and my body. It is at a nice place called Protocol, and dinner will be served. Now my only problem is finding something nice to wear. I have no nice clothes anymore since I have lost so much weight. Hmmm..I will just make Quorry give me some money so I can go shopping!!

I was just asked to be assistant manager of one of the MS online support groups I am a member of. I was excited but it was kind of bittersweet. The owner of the board is not doing so well right now and needs soem help he might hand the board right over to me. That is a huge resposibility...but I am ready to take it on. Like I told him I have nothing better to do all day then to run this board and bring it back to life. So I am gonna do my best to make him happy. He sent me the sweetest e-mail..telling me that he would like me to be asst. mgr. because my vibrance and youth will bring the board awake again. That sure helps my confidence


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