Monday, October 17, 2005

Freezing to least that is what it feels like....

I hate when I get cold!!! It takes forever for me to get some warmth back into my bloodstream. I've noticed that since MS not only does the heat affect me so does the cold. I don't know who hates it more me? or my husband? He gets the torture of my "coldliness"(hey I think I invented a new word?). I put my really cold feet all over him on his legs mostly and he hates it soooo much...but still lets me do it. He is a heat box and gives off the best of body heat and I take full advantage of that! I have a tank a teeshirt and a heavy fleece sweatshirt on and I'm still cold. Mainly my hands which does not make complaining about being cold an easy task when I'm complaining through typing!!!

Well tomorrow is the NMSS convention thingy-majig that I am going to. Hopefully it will be enjoyable. I'm thinkin it might be just a tad boring voting on that board members as I don't know anyone there to vote for. At least I can see a lil more into my local chapter. I was a lil disappointed how the MS Walk was handled this year compared to the year before. Maybe they will let us voice our opinions on that aspect? At the very least I can hear about some of the new trials that I won't be able to be in...but who's to say that someone that can be isn't the reason that I get better? I'm certainly not gonna say there is no chance for me. For us for that matter!

I get to see the dentist early too. Which is good. I get to see her at 8:45 tomorrow morning which will be great to get to the bottom of this horrendous gum pain and swelling I am having. Hopefully not an infection but I am pretty positive it is. I just ahte when I have to take anti-biotics because I HAVE to take my birth control pills and those 2 drugs don't mix well together. Ok they do if I wanna get pregnant...antibiotics make hormonal contraceptives less effective. So who knows guess I would rather get my infection cleared over making love with my husband for a week or so.....or would I??


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