Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gonna get flu shot next week.......

Never have I got the flu shot before. I know that I want to for sure this year. I got the flu twice last year and felt like I was gonna die..I wished that I would die it was that bad!! I am sure a lot of the reason that I got bombarded with the nasty flu last year is because of the Noavantrone. I am so glad that I am done with that crap(hopefully forever). This year my Neuro wants me to get it because of the Rebif and the monthly steroids. So I am not gonna argue. I am gonna get next week probably Thursday. She said I have to get it 2 weeks after my last infusion which Thursday will be 2 weeks since my last infusion. So the nurse that came to do my infusion is coming to give me my flu shot. Quorry got his flu shot today when he went to the doctor's for his back....

He possibly sprained a muscle in his back and man is it killing him. The doctor told him he is too young for all these physical problems. I mean come on he is only 24 and is so messed up. Right after we started dating we all gathered at the local park and played football and he dislocated his shoulder..never got it looked at till almost 6 years later and guess what no fixin to his shoulder. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but trust me I see the pain that he gets in sometimes. I feel for him. It was so funny in a weird twisted way today he said "Make me better". I said ok I will if you make me better. He said well I can make you feel a lil better..I will roll you a joint! It may sound stupid to you...but I thought it was quite funny..always thinkin of ways to "cure" my MS. I am telling you right now if I like the way that marijuana made me feel I would so be a drug addict. I just hate the "high" feeling. That is why I hate the Neurontin and the Zanaflex. I have been on Zanaflex for almost 5 years and still get that "high". Well I guess the good thing is it is still working right??


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