Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Got some exacts on my new drug regimen today........

My doctor's office called today to give me all the exacts. I am to start slowly tapering off of my Neurontin. Which I have been doing already as I knew I would have to to get a new "pain" med. I am such an expert at meds anymore it far as knowing how to taper up or down correctly. I have been through more new meds in the last 6 months then the 3years before that. Anyway I will be starting Topamax in like a week. I'm excited about it a lil because they told me not only will it help with neuropathy pain it will help with the headaches that I have been getting. I am going from 25mg. of Elavil to 50mg of it a day and staying on my Zananflex only I am gonna try to take it the 4times a day that I am supposed to. Only reason that I don't is because I have a hard time staying awake during the day when I take it and I have at least 1 kid a day to take care of. So this is the plan and I am hoping that it helps with the pain in my legs at least. Got bad news today...well I already knew the answer to my question but was hoping that I was wrong...No I won't be able to do my Rebif shots through my mediport. Made me sad too..but oh well yet one more brick in my wall of torture form this DAMN Rebif!!!!!!


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