Thursday, October 13, 2005

Got that nasty aftertaste of 'roids in my mouth......

I hate that too. It is much worse when I dringk water too and water is my drink of choice. So I got some Mountain Dew at the store last night in preparation of this nastiness. So far still nasty. I did manage to get a sandwhich for lunch and it wasn't bad at all. Roast beef on wheat, no mayo, no cheese,just roast beef. I am sure I will get shit for sleep tonight because of the steroids but used to that non-sleeping mode so nothing will be different tonight.

I fell asleep before 10 last night which normally would be great. Last night not so good because I do my Rebif at the same time approx. every shot night shot time just so happens to be 10. I woke at 11 from Quorry getting outta bed to give me my shot. I guess he was just gonna give it to me while I was sleeping. Glad that I woke up that probably would have scared the hell out of me if he did that. He would have got a kick out of it too as he loves nothing more than scaring the living daylights out of me. Shot went great didn't use the numbing cream as did it in my stomach and hardly feel it there anyway. I then went right back to sleep and stayed sleeping until 5 this morning. So maybe tonight I can stay on this good sleeping track but not holding my breath because of the steroids.

I've been back to my ebay junkie days this week a lot!! I bought Kaylee a really cute brand new winter jacket. It has Barbie on it and she will just love that. I bought Bradley a new jacket too. Ebay is my favorite place to shop too. I also sell on ebay so really don't use any of the household funds to buy my ebay stuff just use the money that I make from selling on there.Wow that was a confusing circle kinda post to my self it seems? I'm a lil weird after the steroids....


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