Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I thought i maybe would sleep last nite...nope Migraine won....

I had a horrible headache!!! I turned the tv off at 12 thinking that maybe I would go to sleep. I did it was great but woke up at 1:15-1:30 with this damn throbbing pain. It was horrible! So I got up and took a prescription ibuprofen. What the hell was I thinking that this candy type pill was gonna get rid of this overabundance of pain? So I took some of my sleeping pills (which don't hlep me to sleep) thinking maybe they would help. WRONG! I took some of my muscle realxers cuz I needed them anyway and thought maybe just maybe they would relax me enuff to sleep. WRONG! So needless to say another sleepless night. Called my neuro today to tell her that I've noticed lately I have been waking (when I sleep) with a headache every morning. She said that it was possible becaus of the a place on my brain where there is a lesion, and that she would get back to me. I know that my vertigo and dizziness is lesion related so this being lesion related would not shock me. Either way hopfully Thursday all of this will be calmed a little because I get my magic IV. Only one day this month. I don't like the nasty blah in my mouth afterwards but the benefits far outweigh the negative of the 'roids (for me anyway).

So last night I did something that I have been contemplating for a month. I went and got my hair chopped off. It was dead and really thinned out (thanks Novantrone ). Not that I minded the chemo. it did a lot for me physically (including making my hair thing A LOT and look dead). So anyway my hair was like 3/4 of the way down my back and is now just at my shoulders. The stylist cut off all the dead and left me with just he new hair growth. I got bangs too which I was a lil apprehensive of doing simply because My part is straight down the middle and knew that my bangs would be split down the middle. The stylist gave me long bangs though that go to the side. It looks so nice and healthy all over again. Still not too thick but appears a lot thicker than it really is. Someday soon I will have my hubby take a pic of my new do and I will post it on here (provided I am happy with the pic). I really don't care for many of the pictures of me but I will deal. This new do does make me look my age now. I don't look so much like a teenager. I like that maybe my boys' teachers and their friends mothers will not look at me so funny now. I do look more of an adult with this cut. I like looking my age. Now ask me in 4 years when I am 30 if I like looking my age and we might have to fight!!!!


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