Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm no longer afraid.....of the pain anyway.....

I am so happy about that too. Friday night did not go. I really needed my Zanaflex more so then ever because the spasms were horrible. Fell asleep around 8 or so and was down for the count. Quorry tried like hell he said to wake me but I wasn't there in his words. So Saturday night was the dreaded night!! Guess What??? I didn't feel anything except the last few seconds. I thought the pain that I was feeling was him sticking me with the needle which I thought was odd because I have never felt that with any of the other injections from this med. or any other med I have been on. It was actually the very last of the medicine being pushed in that I felt. So now tonight I am in NO FEAR!! of the pain of this medicine. I am a lil scared thought because this was my first injection that I bled and when I say bled I mean I BLED!!! So I am gonna call MSLifeLines today and see if that is normal? They did tell me that they would be open today even thought it is a holiday. The funny thing is they asked me "is it a holiday where you live on Monday?" I said yes and they said well it isn't for us (by the way I was talking to someone in NY which is where I live). I thought Columbus Day was a holiday everywhere in the US?? I know the post doesn't come today.

I can not wait to go to bed tonight. I just got a new bed today it is nice. It is a pillowtop and hopefully will help with my back and maybe some with my sleep. You know what is weird I did the same thing saturday nite with my Zanafles and guess what?? Did not sleep. I wish I knew what was wrong with me and not sleeping. The rebif nurse did tell em that the sleep disturbances is not a side effect, yet they ahve been recieving many repots on it lately so guess what? IT IS A SIDE EFFECT!!!! Didn't sleep last night well but gave me a chance to catch up on some of my shows I guess.


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