Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's still really cold...but our bellies will be warm tonight.......

Oh my gosh I am gonna eat all the dinner before anyone even gets home. I made the seasons first chili today in the 'ole crockpot. It smells, looks, and tasted sooooo yummy. Pretty good for the season't first chili if I don't say so myself. Now on to an update of the "snow" we got or should I say didn't get. Ha ha to PA they got more snow then I least 2 counties did anyway. You know the ones that are right underneath of me. Also Ellicottville got a couple inches of the wet stuff ....rain/snow mix. Which I am sure they are loving that too. It is afterall great skiing and a beautiful "city" ( I just don't consider small towns like that cities). I used to work at Holiday Valley for 2 seasons it was great free skiing even. It is a stuck up town thought with lots of rich snobby bitches. Usually once the snow season is over it is a normal small nice town.

Going for consult today on my mediport. Can't wait to get it in and be done with needles with the exception of the you know what jerk needles!!! My home health care nurse told me that if I wanted she could teach my husband and I how to do my solumedrol infusions and that way I could do them at a time that would be more conveinent to me. So I'm not sure if either one of us is up for that challenge right away?? I know that I could do the heparin flush myself if it didn't mean I had to use a needle but it does so there is no way in hell I could do it. I wanna ask a question of you fellow people that do self injections......How long have you been doing it? I don't wanna scare anyone with what else I want to say but I need to know to know that I am not crazy. I have been doing injections for almost 5 years (4yrs. 7months). I did slef injections until last October. I went to do my injection Wednesday night (was on Avonex at the time) and had an anxiety attack. So I calmed myself down and tired againa nd again anxiety attack. My mom then took over for a few a months then it graduated to Quorry who know gives me the Rebif shots. My other question is has this happended to any of you?? It makes no sense to me that a seasoned vet of self inflicted pain Oh sorry I mean self injecting could all of the sudden freak out and literally feel almost scared to death to do it. I was never afraid of needles till then now looking at a needle near me even the Rebif needle in the packaging still scares me a lil. So maybe I am just crazy...If I am then at least I have a reason for all my quirks...if not then I feel a lil better about "babying out" of my own treatment!!!!


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