Thursday, October 20, 2005

k will the France family teeth problems ever stop???

My son Andrew's retainer broke the other day. Maybe my family is just cursed with teeth problems? He has to have a retainer because when he was 4 he had a horrible toothache and I took him to what I thought was a good dentist. Yeah well I was soooo wrong. This so called "dentist" (well he is a real dentist) pulled 2 teeth from a 4 year old when he could have just filled his cavities. So now my poor son't mouth is so messed up and he has to wear this reatainer to space his teeth out to make room for 3 teeth on top and 4 on bottom. This would not have happened if it weren't for the screw up that damn dentist made. He will then need to get braces when the spacers (that is what his retaineer does) are not needed anymore. So anyway we went to the orthodontist today to get his reatainer fixed. She said taht now all we are waiting on is 3 more teeth to come in and he is done with the retainer and on to braces. I also found out today that he needs his wisdom teeth pulled pretty much ASAP. That is kinda scary for an 11 year old don't ya think?? I defintiely have more faith in who he is seeing now for his dental work. We also are not on state insurance anymore so we have a better selection of dentists and orthodontists and such. So we go back to her in December the day after my b-day. Funny thing is I have an appt. with my MS specialist the day before my b-day. At least I can stay hom bored outta my mind on my b-day!!!

Tonight I we went to Bradley's Open House. It was so much fun. We bought some way over priced books at the Book Fair. Andrew visited all of his old Elementary teachers. He said it felt like he hasn't been there in years. Ha ha I thought that was so cute. He has only been in Middle School for 2 years not 20. Quorry said I was back to my snobbish ways when I went off with the girls from Bradley's old school. I made freinds with a lot of those parents last year and now all the kids from Head Start are in Bradley's school this year. We had a good time though. I am definitely ebat after the long day I had today.....


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