Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Long boring day......

Which that is so fine by me. Probably wouldn't have gone anywhere if I had the choice to. My legs are so freaking bad I don't even feel safe taking a shower out of fear that I will fall and hurt myself. Don't worry folks I shower everyday!!! My left leg which happens to be my bad MS leg as far as weakness goes has been really hurting me in a new different way today. It kind scares me a lil. I suppose I will finally call my neuro tomorrow and tell her about all of these new things. I am due for my steroids on the 15th hopefully those will help me a lil more than the last steroid treatment of 3 days did. Friday is coming way to fast for me. I am soooo terrified because that is when I start the 44mcg. of the Rebif!!! Don't wanna at all. This 22mcg is already putting me in tears from the burn of it all. Maybe I would prefer to go back on the Novantrone but she (my neuro) would want me to still do the Rebif. You know what MS f-ing sucks big time!!!!!! I wish sometimes ok all the time that I was still RRMS. Things were so much easier on me and my family when I was RR. This PRMS crap sucks big time!!! Feel like I am wasting my time with the injectibles as the last 2 did nothing for me. I just kept getting worse and worse. Believe me I stuck to my guns and took my shot everytime I was supposed to and for what?? For nothing soemtimes that is how I feel then I look at my precious little babies and say it is worth doing this for them at least.

Sorry everyone for the depressing kind mode on here just in one of these kind of moods. I guess the pain always get to me and that is when I get like this.

Chris I hope that you get your blog up and running as I can not wait to read it!!!


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