Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My spoons are spent already for the week I think.......

Oh man do my legs feel almost weaker and more unstable then ever. Although I know that is not possible as I have been "stuck" in my wheelchair too many times to try to keep track of. So I guess my legs have been worse. Up again last night with this weird stomach thing that has been bothering me since Friday. Kinda feels like the start of a stomach flu maybe? I didn't think anything of it Friday when I started feeling it. The cramps, the yuck, and the crabbiness of it all, thought well I am haveing my monthly visitor. That is since been gone and still not feeling so hot today either. Actually that is the funny thing...today is colder than it has been and I am burning up. Just don't feel right. I don't like that either, kinda scares me when something else is going on aside from the MS. Also scary because I am far from a medical expert and unsure if some of my "symptoms" are symptoms or if they are so not MS related. Don't see my MS specialis until Dec. 13th. Might call though no point in going to my N.P. (primary care "doctor") if it is MS related and if it isn't my MS specialist will send me to Libby (my NP).

I was a lil scared to call my mom today to tell her that I am not feeling up to par, that I don't feel well enough to go to the NMSS thing tonight. I got home from the dentist and looked on my caller id and saw that my mom called 4x while I was gone and saw a note taped to my computer screen from Quorry saying to call my mom. I checked my answering machine and guess what? There was a message on there from my Mom. I was dreading calling her back to tell her I wasn't going mainly because she took the day off work to take me and to go with me (she loves going to these MS things with me). I knew I could not put it off all day so I called her about 15 minutes after I got home from the dentist. She answered the phone sounding like crap. First words out of her mouth were "I hope you won't be too hurt or upset with me if we don't make it tonight"..I said "Oh thank god!!" Apparently neither of us feels to well, so that kinda made our plans for the night. I know I will make a quick easy dinner and head straight to bed. Maybe even have Quorry make dinner? Who knows.

I know that I am very tired as I was up with not only my stomach problems last night but yes another damn headache!! I am going to be ready for an early early night I know that for sure!!

Dentist said that I have minor gingivitis. Which I knew already and I do everything she told me to do. She told me the reason that my teeth bleed more and more is because a few of the medications that I am on. She also said the chemo. did not do as much damage to my teeth as she expected or has seen before in other patients. That was good news. Only have 3 teeth that need fillings. So same old song and dance...get up in the morning Listerine pre-brush whitening stuff(my own call) , floss, brush, Listerine, Then ACT flouride rinse. So I will continue to do all of that and hope that my teeth don't get worse. Which my teeth are actually in pretty good shape!!!


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