Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nasty weather brings me down even more.......

I hate this nasty weather. Oh joy it is only gonna get worse too once the winter really hits. The last 2 days have been so cold, rainy, and nasty!!! I guess when there is no sun shining my spirits aren't shining either. Kind of depressing weather. Oh well at least it isn't snowing!

I'm so tired and have no clue why as I have been sleeping so well it scares me. I know I know first I bitch that I can't sleep now it seems as though I am complaining that I am sleeping too good. Well just a reminder and FYI...I am a woman. which gives me the right to not be happy with whatever is thrown at me!!! Maybe I should lay down with the 2 kids that are here and nap before I go try to tackle some dinner. These 2 have not been sleeping very well the last 2 nights. I think because big brother was away for the weekend and Mommy let them sleep on the couches and watch "scary" movies on Nickelodeon. Who knows but I know that they are whooped. They didn't even eat dinner last night because they said they were too tired. So I made a very nice dinner last night and no one ate it. Well Quorry and I shared a piece of chicken and each had a dinner roll. I didn't even wanna make dinner last night but did and wasted my time and effort. Oh well it will work great for leftovers for me and Kaylee all week for lunch.

I got the great privileged chance to "talk" to Dave on msn messenger yesterday. He is a great super guy!!! Now he has back into this music kinda mode..guess that isn't so bad...don't "they" (whoever they are) say that music heals the soul..or helps? Who knows I have never pretended to be a super intelligent kinds girl right?? Oh yeah thing is I am but not very smart in the common sense department!!!!


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